Dragon's Wing

Dragon's Wing

Legacy of the dragon's wing

In the shadow of the Arcanum Peaks lay the kingdom of Kyravell, a realm steeped in legends and whispered magics. Here, the legacy of the Dragon's Wing crest was born, a symbol representing the utmost bravery, loyalty, and the sacred bond between dragon and human.

Within the annals of Kyravell's history, the dragons were not always the enigmatic guardians known to the current age. Their story began in an era shrouded in the mists of time, when the world was a wilder place, and the bond between earth and sky was woven with primal magics. Dragons, the first children of this magic, emerged from the heart of the Arcanum Peaks, creatures of fire, wind, and wisdom, embodying the raw forces of nature itself.

To the people of Kyravell, these magnificent beings were deities made flesh. They saw in the dragons the embodiment of the world's mysteries and powers, creatures that held the secrets of creation and destruction within their ageless hearts. Temples were erected in their honor, their likenesses carved into the stones of mountains and painted on the vaults of the sky. Priests and seers sought to interpret their calls, which echoed like thunder across the valleys, and their flights, which painted shadows over the land, were seen as omens.

While the dragons were worshiped, however, they
remained distant, as if humans were beneath their celestial gaze. As much as the humans of Kyravell tried to gain their favour, they would always fail. The turning point came with the arrival of a figure now lost to legend, known only as the Arbiter. The Arbiter was neither the strongest warrior nor the most powerful mage; rather, their strength lay in their unwavering conviction and purity of spirit. Seeking to bridge the chasm between human and dragonkind, the Arbiter embarked on a series of trials, each designed by the dragons to test not the body, but the soul.

The first trial was the Trial of Fire, where the Arbiter walked through flames that could melt stone, emerging unscathed, for their purpose was pure. The second was the Trial of Air, where atop the highest peak, they were asked to leap into the abyss, trusting in the winds to bear them aloft. The third and final trial was the Trial of Wisdom, where the Arbiter was tasked with solving a riddle that had confounded the sages of Kyravell for generations. The solution, however, was not found in books or scrolls but in understanding the interconnectedness of all life.

Impressed by the Arbiter's bravery, loyalty, and wisdom, the dragons bestowed upon humanity a gift – the Dragon's Wing crest, symbolizing the newfound bond between the two races. It was an acknowledgment that humans, though fleeting in their lifetimes, held a spark of something grand, a potential for greatness that mirrored that of the dragons themselves.

In the aftermath of the Arbiter's trials, the dragons, moved by the profound connection forged through courage, wisdom, and loyalty, envisioned a future where not just one, but many could rise to stand alongside them as guardians of Kyravell. Thus, was born the Rite of the Dragon's Wing, a sacred ceremony held beneath the starlit sky of the equinox, where those who had demonstrated virtues akin to the Arbiter's were bestowed with the Dragon's Wing crest.

This crest, forged from the mountains’ heart and cooled in the mystic waters of the Everspring, was a symbol of an unbreakable bond between dragons and humans. The ceremony took place once a generation, inspiring countless souls to embark on quests of self-discovery and service. The streets of Kyravell buzzed with tales of valor, of ordinary folk rising to perform extraordinary deeds, each hoping to earn the honor of the Dragon's Wing.

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